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A visit to the Emerald City

Rachel BaldwinComment
A visit to the Emerald City

Always behind on my blog posts...at the beginning of our trip, I was so good about keeping a little journal of each day.  I recorded the day's events big and small until early July.  Then I lost my little journal.  I can't imagine where I left it.  We live in a tiny-ass space, where could it be?  I still don't know.
I switched to a new notebook and began to write less and less as the days went by.  Now that notebook has been in the truck since late September and I hastily write down notable items on a calendar hanging on the wall in the bedroom.
Anyway, my point is that I need to write things down more often because I'm going to want to remember this amazing year of travel.  Our trip to Seattle was in September and it was one of those weeks I don't want to forget.

We arrived in Seattle right after Labor Day weekend and met up with our friends from Indiana, Penni and Aaron.  Aaron is a Seattle native and for years, we've all wanted to go to Seattle together so he could show us around his hometown.  We were all pretty excited that we were finally able to make it happen.


The tricky thing about visiting Seattle (or any large city really) is that it's tough to find free camping.  We're on a budget and are pretty stubborn about finding free camping whenever possible.  That led us to our first time trying casino camping!  We stayed at two different casinos while in Seattle.  The first, Tulalip Casino had a nice, open, flat parking lot with well-lit signage and security patrols.  The second, Muckleshoot Casino, was slightly dicier, with old RVs parked willy-nilly in a corner of the parking lot, and what appeared to be some long-term visitors that might actually be residing in their campers in the casino parking lot.  But all in all, they were both fine, had nice all-you-can-eat buffets and we were able to leave our rig for a couple nights while we explored Seattle.  

Aaron and Penni really were the most amazing tour guides.  Aaron's father, Dennis has worked at the Seattle Space Needle for over 30 years so that was one of our first stops.  We took the elevator to the top and took in the full view of Seattle and Puget Sound.  The air was still smokey from the wildfires in the area and while it did impede the city view, it also made it more memorable.  We'd been dodging the Washington wildfires all month so it seemed fitting to have smoke hanging over the mountains in the distance.
After the Space Needle, Aaron took us to Puget Sound where Jane played in the water and then to the Fremont Troll, a huge sculpture under a highway bridge.


The next day was just as fun.  From Aaron's parent's house, we hopped a bus to the train station.  We then took the train to multiple stops around Seattle, eating something delicious at each stop. Our first stop was Dick's Drive-In on Broadway where we all had burgers. Then we had barbecue pork at Kau Kau on South King Street, a 30 year old Korean restaurant that claims to have the best barbecue in town.  Next up was J&M Hotel in Pioneer Square, the oldest bar in Seattle, followed by the famous Seattle Public Market where we sampled crab salad, fresh donuts, macaroni and cheese and ginger beer. It was just non-stop eating and sight-seeing, a pretty perfect day.


There was more to the trip, lots of catching up and laughter and cocktails.  Aaron and Pen were a sight for our sore eyes and a visit with them was exactly what we needed after 4 months of being away from friends and family.  Seattle totally lived up to the hype and I imagine it will be on our list of places to try to get back to someday.  After an awesome week, we hitched up and drove further west, ready to visit the Hoh Rainforest!

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