Quick trip to Sedona

Quick trip to Sedona

After a few mornings of waking up cold in Flagstaff, we were ready to move south to Sedona.  Alex and I have been to Sedona several times and already had hikes that we wanted to do again and we were really looking forward to staying there for a couple weeks.  Turns out we only stayed a couple days!

We hit the Giant gas station in Flagstaff on our way out of town and emptied the grey tank.  We then made our way south via I-17 (we avoided 89A because Jeneric Ramblings told us it would be almost impossible while towing a fifth wheel). We stopped at Chevron in Camp Verde to fill up our fresh water tank and then made our way to Loy Butte Road in Sedona.  

Loy Butte Road was another boondocking location we found through Campendium and then cross referenced with one of our favorite blogs, 188sqft.  I always try to find at least two sources about the spot we want to stay since we’re still so new at this and I need all the info I can get before I lead us out into the middle of nowhere.

This spot had really good reviews so I felt bad that we didn’t love it immediately.   In fact, my first impression was that I absolutely hated this road.  Our teeth were clacking together as we hauled Babs up the bumpy hills and we had to pull off the road because the truck started to overheat a bit.  At that point, Alex pulled out his bicycle and scouted ahead.  He found a site that looked roomy and flat and while it did have a few neighbors, it was large enough that it didn’t feel tight.

We lumbered into the site, breathed huge sighs of relief and then actually looked around.  We had lucked into a really beautiful location with a great view, few neighbors and nice hiking trail nearby.  Somehow, Alex still had enough energy to go for a long run and explore that area a bit while I made dinner and set up camp.  

 The next day we woke up at 8am and immediately noticed that it was already very warm in the RV. The previous week, we’d slept under three blankets, this morning, we threw the blankets off the bed.  

The first errand of the day was to go back to the Walmart we’d shopped at the day before because we’d left a bag of groceries.  Walmart is no sucker-they had a detailed list of every item forgotten at every register and they cross checked it with my receipt before giving me a refund for the items.  I barely shopped at Wal Mart before going on the road in the RV but now it’s become one the main places I look for when we need to restock.  I think it’s because of the incredibly large parking lots, the camping section so we can pick up weird RV odds and ends and just the general low prices but to be honest, I still don’t really like Walmart and I have to break this Walmart habit eventually.

After leaving Walmart, we decided to check out Montezuma’s Well and re-visit Montezuma’s Castle.  Both of these places are dog friendly which was imperative since it was too hot to leave Jane in the RV alone.  You can read all about Montezuma Castle and our new favorite, Montezuma Well, here.  

 The following day, we were excited to visit some of our favorite Sedona trails.  We filled our backpacks with water and granola bars and dog treats and set off for Boynton Canyon Trail.  I wish I could report that we had an exhilarating trek to the top but in reality, we only completed about half the trail.  The last time we hiked Sedona, it was February and the temps were warm but mild.  Now, in mid-May, the temperature was inching into the 90’s and we just didn’t feel comfortable having Jane continue the trail.  We brought plenty of water for her and made frequent stops in shaded areas but she didn’t seem to be enjoying the walk or the heat so we turned around and made our way back to the parking lot.

We grabbed some sandwiches and ate them in the air conditioned truck so Jane could cool down and then we set off for our other favorite place-Oak Creek.  This place may or may not be on the official Sedona trail maps, I’m only familiar with it because my dad and stepmom used to live in AZ and we would visit this area when I came to stay with them.  It’s in the Village of Oak Creek rather than Sedona and located just a short drive down Verde Valley School Road.

This spot usually has a few people but never a crowd.  We bypassed all hiking trails and just made our way directly to the creek.  Jane has never been a water dog and we’ve never seen her do more than drink from a stream-certainly never swim but this day we really wanted her to wade in the water to cool off from the earlier exertion.  It took some persuading but Alex finally coaxed her into the water and after that, she didn’t want to get out.  We spent about an hour playing in the creek before walking back to the truck and heading home.

 That night we decided that we were ready to move on.  While Sedona is still one of our favorite places, it really needs to be a winter visit.  The mid-May heat limited how much we were able to do with Jane outside and we never felt comfortable leaving her alone in the RV due to the temps.  So we packed up and prepared to make our way north to the Grand Canyon.