Getting Closer!

We are, we’re getting closer.  Much closer in fact, as we’ve actually put an offer on an RV in Kentucky.  Alex found this one.  On Craigslist. I was leery of it at first. First, it’s 34 feet.  (or is it 35?)  Second, it has 3 slides.  3 slides are great and the extra space will be amazing, I’m sure.  But I’ve read about slide leaks and difficulty finding camping spots when your RV is over 30 feet.  So the extra size and slides gave me pause.  Also, the price.  It's slightly more than our discussed budget.  

But we drove to Kentucky.  Four hours each way.  We met with the man selling the 2000 34-foot (35-foot?) Newmar American Star Fifth Wheel.  He lived in the RV for 3 years while working in West Virginia.  Before that it was owned by a couple that bought it new in 2000.

I think we both knew we wanted it when we walked in.  It felt large and comfortable and like a space that we could customize into a pretty comfortable home.  We did find two leaks.  One near each living room slide.  Everything I’ve read says that is when we should have said “thanks but no thanks” but we didn’t.  Alex climbed onto the roof and crawled under the belly of the camper.  I opened every drawer and cabinet and tugged at the corners of the carpet.  Then we drove four hours home and researched repairing RV leaks.

That was Saturday.  On Monday, we made an offer and BOOM-we now sorta, kinda own an RV.  Not really, not yet.  We paypal-ed a deposit and will complete the purchase next Saturday when Alex and his dad drive back to Vanceburg, KY to pick up our new beast.  Then we will officially own this big ass bitch.  I do need to think of a name for our new home.  I  keep calling it The Beast or Big Ass Bitch.  Not very clever names.


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