Babs is home

The last weekend of February, Alex and his dad drove down to Kentucky and purchased the RV we found on Craigslist.  Since then, we’ve spent a day getting her level and another day ripping out carpet and vinyl flooring.  That’s really all we’ve done but each of these items took so much effort that they feel like big accomplishments.

First, Alex had to rent a truck to haul her to Indy from Vanceburg, KY.  We haven’t bought a tow vehicle yet and would actually like to wait almost a year before we do.  He and his father spent a Saturday driving 4 hours south, hitching up our new home on wheels, driving back 4 hours north and then about 45 minutes backing it into our small space next to the garage.  At one point, my father, Alex’s father, our neighbor David, and our drunk neighbor Ben were all outside yelling back and forth about how to get backed in safely while avoiding the telephone pole and power lines that are behind our house.  It made me so nervous, I had to watch from the kitchen window.     

Anyway, that completed Day One of being RV owners.

The next day we woke up and proudly peered at our new home parked next to the garage only to realize that she tipped to one side.  We hadn’t noticed quite how tipsy she was last night because it was dark but in the light of day, she appeared ready to tumble.  Alex and I decided “fuck researching how to fix this, let’s just get out there and waste a couple hours”  So we spent a good part of the morning believing that if we could just add another block under the front jacks all would be level.  When we realized that was not going to fix anything, we decided that would be a good time to actually Google the issue.  Whoops!  Turns out we needed to drive the left side of the RV up onto levels.  Ohhhhkay.  Normally, you would hitch up the RV, pull forward, place leveling blocks down and then back up onto them but since our Big-Ass Bitch (or Babs) was in such a tight spot and took 5 people to guide into place just the night before, we really just didn’t think we were capable of doing it ourselves.  Alex left and purchased two heavy duty bottle jacks from Harbor Freight and some RV leveling blocks called LynxLevelers.  We jacked up the RV and placed the leveling blocks under the left side wheels.  It wasn’t terribly difficult and it's pretty basic RV 101 stuff but it was a first for us and it felt like a big thing when we finished.   That was a week ago and Babs is still level and doing fine.

Yesterday we attacked the flooring.  We pulled up carpet and the kitchen vinyl.  It all ripped up pretty easily but we were sad to find more water damage than we anticipated.  We knew Babs had a couple leaks at her slide outs but we sort of rolled the dice on how bad those leaks might be.  No, it was not the smartest but we both really wanted this particular RV and figured we would just take a chance and plan to fix whatever we may find.  I would say we landed somewhere in the middle.  Substantial damage to the plywood floor under the carpet but nothing fully rotted through or dangerous looking.  

Now we are on pause until Alex’s dad can take a look at the floors and help us form a plan of attack.   

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