Rachel Baldwin

Winter is coming

Rachel Baldwin
Winter is coming

We had our first snow of the season this week.  Nothing too crazy-just an inch or so.  But it's definitely a reminder of what the next 3 months will really feel like.  

In my head, we would maybe still do some work in the RV over the winter but these temps in the low 20's are making me think otherwise.  To prepare for the upcoming snow, we bought this cover for the RV off Amazon.  We figured since we'd worked all summer to repair leaks and replace the ceiling and repair rotten floor, we didn't want the work to go to waste by letting several inches of snow sit on the RV roof all winter and possibly find areas to penetrate.

Installing the cover was relatively easy.  It was frustrating and Alex and I snapped at each other at least twice but in the big scheme of things, it wasn't hard at all.  So Babs is buttoned up for the winter and we'll probably go in there for small things but overall our focus has switched to the interior of our sticks and bricks house.


To get our house ready to sell, we have several key projects we'd like to complete.  

  1. Update the downstairs bathroom:  This began with removing an insane amount of wallpaper from the little room.  Four layers of that bullshit.  It was even on the ceiling.  I almost wrote a post about wallpaper removal but I hated the process so much that I couldn't bring myself to write about it.  In addition to the wallpaper, we've also removed the old tub surround.  It was poorly installed and dingy and old.  We put up a new tub surround.  Neither of us had done that before but Youtube videos taught us what we needed to know. We've also removed the vanity cabinet and sink.  We'll be installing a new one soon.  The first vanity we purchased from Lowes was broken in several places so we took it back to exchange it.  Unfortunately, the cabinet was out of stock at Lowes so we are sort of back to square one on that project.  Lastly, the downstairs bathroom needs new flooring.  The ugly old sheet vinyl in showing its age.
  2. Update the upstairs bathroom:  After we get the downstairs bathroom ready to be used again, we'll start working on the upstairs bathroom.  Same basic changes-new vanity/sink, new flooring and remove the old stand-up shower and put in a new one.
  3. Replace the kitchen floors.  Same old sheet vinyl that's in both bathrooms.  It needs an update.  
  4. Repaint the entire interior.

And those are just the major projects.  There are so many more little things!!  And this is just to get the house ready to go on the market by March.  That means I have like 2.5 months to get this work done.  I'm nervous.  I'm nervous that we won't get the updates done in a timely manner, I'm nervous that the house won't sell, I'm nervous that this entire idea will fall apart.

I suppose I just have to accept the nervousness and accept that this idea could fall apart and not come to fruition at all but that's ok too. 

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