September Update: Another sale and the first coat of paint!

September Update: Another sale and the first coat of paint!

September came and went and now we're here in early October.  Still selling our possessions, still working on painting the interior of the RV.  

We decided to have a quick garage sale to try to clean out more items.  The first sale was at my friend, Penni's house back in June and it went well but I still had so much left and Alex hadn't even really begun to purge his belongings.  So we held a quick garage sale in mid-September.   We had all of the stickers left over from the first sale and just reused them.  Alex spent about a week sorting his garage tools and pricing and organizing.  I dragged out all of the items that didn't sell the first time around.  We bought a few signs and made a couple signs and placed them in the front yard and on telephone poles at the end of the block.  I put an ad on Craigslist and that was that.  The rain and storms all day forced us to have a true "garage" sale.  I didn't have high hopes since our garage is not highly visible and it was seriously storming all day but we ended the day about $260 richer and we gave away quite a few items to Alex's two nieces.  Delaney is furnishing her first apartment and Zoe is super talented at getting crafty with old furniture so they hauled off some tables and couches and miscellaneous items.  Cool thing I found out is that when you post a Craigslist ad for your garage sale, it automatically feeds to other sites such as  

Ok, so garage sale done and I really, really don't want to do another one.

Next up, painting the interior.  For some reason, this is the task that I've been looking forward to the most.  Partly because, unlike most of the RV projects, I actually know how to paint walls.  It's a basic task.  Yes, you have to tape off things and buy the right kind of paint/primer, read a bunch of articles about painting cabinets and so on but for the most part-it is just putting a brush in paint and then smearing that brush all over the place.  It is a project that anyone can do.  PLUS, his father let us borrow his paint sprayer so it was going to be the easiest paint job ever.  So I've been bugging Alex every day about starting the paint project.

Our plan was to start spraying on Thursday evening after work.  We had already purchased full body suits to protect our clothes as well as respirators so we could breathe in that small space with a paint sprayer running.  I also wiped down the walls and cabinets with acetone to remove old dirt.  I really don't want to sand the cabinets so I'm hoping I can get away with cleaning them and then just using a good primer/paint.  Fingers crossed.  

We started the project with two jalapeno margaritas which have become Alex's speciality drink.   For us, the key to these projects is one cocktail.  Just to take the edge off of how frustrating this stuff can be-but no more or we'll end up taking an Uber to La Margarita and blowing off the entire project to eat tacos and drink instead.

Right off the bat we couldn't figure out the paint sprayer.  It sort of just water-gunned paint onto the wall.  We messed with it for about 30 minutes and then just decided to go with what we know and use a roller and brush.  I used the brush to paint and Alex used the roller and we knocked out a good portion of the living room in under two hours.  I was surprised at how well the first coat covered everything.  By the time we were done, it was dark and we couldn't tell if it was looking amazing or absolutely terrible so we wrapped our brush and roller in plastic, covered the 5 gallon bucket of paint and called it a night.  When I went it in the RV the next day, I was so pleasantly surprised to see that it really did look ok!  It's still just the first coat and I think we'll have to apply at least two more but it's start.  I can't even tell you how nice it is to be able to see such a big difference so quickly.  

So now it's Saturday and Alex's dad, Tony, is out in the garage trying to get the paint sprayer working.  If all goes well, we'll be adding the second coat tomorrow!

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