Two Turntables and a Motorhome



Babs aka Big Ass Bitch aka Our Home

Alex and I began our RV search in late 2015 with no clue what to look for in our new home.  Before this trip, we weren't Rvers, didn't know what size we wanted or even what style ie: Class A, fifth wheel, travel trailer, van...

We narrowed it down to a few priorities:  at least 27 feet, at least one slide, a place for Alex to build his music studio and enough kitchen storage for me.  With that in mind, we answered a Craigslist ad and purchased our 34-foot 2000 Newmar American Star.  We spent the next year of weekends and evenings repairing and remodeling our new home on wheels.  Some of our changes include:

  • repairing several roof leaks
  • removing and replacing the entire ceiling
  • repairing rotted subfloor
  • resealing the roof
  • removing carpet and replacing with "wood" plank
  • removing curtains and old blinds
  • removing the built-in entertainment center 
  • painting the walls and all the cabinets white
  • removing the old toilet and replacing with a composting toilet
  • installing a full solar system
  • changing the kitchen counters from pink to black

These renovations were a combination of Alex's father's know-how and help, lots of Youtube research, reading plenty of blogs by fellow RVers, trial and error, and some dumb luck.  We've learned so much over the past 2 years and we continue to learn new lessons almost daily.   Babs is a constant, ongoing, never-ending project but we love her!