Two Turntables and a Motorhome

In the winter of 2015, Alex and I decided to take a daydream and try to make it our new reality.

I wish I could remember how the conversation started.  One of us must have said how cool it would be to live and travel in an RV, seeing the country and visiting national parks...and the other probably agreed and then we probably sighed wistfully and went back to normal life.  But the thing I do remember is that the idea stuck and a week or so later it came up in conversation again. And then again.  Next thing we knew, we were researching travel trailers, RVs, fifth wheels, full-time RV living, boondocking, workamping....everything we could get our hands on.  And an idea that started as a daydream in November 2015, turned into a fifth wheel purchase in February 2016 and a countdown to May 2017 when we finally hit the road full time.  

We've created this site to use as our own little travel journal and keep our family and friends updated about our journey but we're also hoping to use it as a way to connect to fellow travelers and make new friends on the road.

Disclaimer: We are neither professional bloggers nor even good writers. There will be gaps in time, misspellings, boring musings, and lots of cursing.